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Housekeeping Services has been operating in the Cape since 1983.

We manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of cleaning materials and allied products.

We service the following industries:
Bakeries, butchers, car valets, clinics, vets, hospitals, factories, dairies, fisheries, food manufacturing, restaurants, industrial & engineering factories, laundries, farming & livestock industries

We are a direct manufacturer of all types of industrial cleaning chemicals.

We supply a comprehensive range of allied equipment including;
Paper products, hand soap dispensers, air freshener dispensers, brushware, and automatic manual dosing equipment used in the above industries.


Company Details

All company registration certificates, certification certificates etc, are available for inspection on this website, should this be required.

Company registration no. 1986/06034/23.

Company VAT no. 4540101260.

SABSSANS 1828;2017 CERTIFICATION permit no. 10944/17182

SABS SANS 1853;2017 CERTIFICATION permit no. 10944/17183

NCRS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications)

NRCS/8054/267002/1093 DATED 04/05/22

NRCS/8054/267002/1083 DATED 29/04/22

NRCS/8054/267002/1082 29/04/22

ISO 9001; 2015 CERTIFICATION PERMIT 805120311/5 DATED 18.05.22

  • Dekra Certification, Stuttgart, Germany.

BBBEE Level 4 Contributor

Sparkling Clean
Use quality approved products that will produce the cleaning results you desire. See our range of products by clicking on PRODUCTS

Reliable Deliveries
We deliver to all areas of Cape Town and environs, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Stellenbosch, Paarl, The West Coast and the Overberg.

Affordable Prices
Contact us for our current pricing on any of our product range, or ask for a company representative to contact you; we have the correct price for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
As we manufacture all our products to ISO 9001;2015 Management System and SABS/SANS 1828/1853 Certification, you are guaranteed of quality products.



General Industrial Cleaning
  • Air Freshener  >  Cherry, Lavender, Apple, Country Fresh, Rose, and Lemon
  • Carpet Shampoo  >  Cherry, Lavender, Apple, Country Fresh, Rose, and Lemon
  • Carpet Spotters  >  Various Spotters to remove oil, grease, wine, and blood from carpets
  • General Purpose Cleaner  >  Rose Perfume General purpose cleaning of wall, windows, floors, cloakrooms, etc.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner  >  For factory cleaning of floors and working surfaces
  • Concrete Cleaner  >  For the removal of petroleum oils of concrete and brick surfaces
  • Floor Kleen  >  For the removal of protein grease in butcheries, factories, and abattoirs
  • Action Hand Cleaner  >  A grit or smooth paste hand cleaner for workshops
  • Liquid Ammoniated Cleaner  >  A thick Handy Andy type cleaner

Floor Care - Vinyl/Wood
  • Floor Polish – Non Slip  >  A high density polymer acrylic non slip drybrite polish
  • Mop & Buff  >  An easy to apply mop or machine buff polymer wax polish
  • Floor Stripper  >  Floor Stripper to remove all types of old polishes from all floors

Cloakroom Care
  • Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner  >  Used to remove difficult soils and scale from toilets and urinals
  • Liquid Drain Opener & Solvent  >  An effective drain liquid used to remove most soils from drains
  • Pine Gel  >  A pine jelly used for cleaning and odour control
  • Pine Disinfectant  >  A cleaner and disinfectant with a pine fragrance for cloakrooms
  • General Purpose Cleaner & Sanitiser  >  A cleaner and sanitiser with a lavender fragrance
  • Liquid Hand Soaps  >  A variety of hand soaps with different fragrances and colours

Car Care, Valet & Workshops
  • Car Wash & Wax  >  Wash and wax in one operation
  • Car Shampoo  >  Washing of vehicles and truck
  • Mag Wheel Cleaner  >  Maintains mag wheels like new
  • Silicone Polish – Water Based  >  A natural enhancer for all rubber, vinyl and decorative finishers
  • Silicone Polish – Solvent Based  >  A natural enhancer for all rubber, vinyl and decorative finishers
  • Engine Cleaner  >  An effective solvent for the removal of oil and grease from engines
  • Antifreeze  >  Highly concentrated antifreeze for radiator use

  • Universal Washing Powder LF  >  A perfumed industrial washing powder for use in all machines
  • Universal Washing Powder – Premium  >  A high perfumed premium washing powder for use in all machines
  • Liquid Bleach  >  Concentrated bleach for laundries and general use
  • Powder Bleach  >  Industrial powder oxygenated bleach for laundry use
  • Laundry Spotters  >  A variety of different spotters for oil, grease, wine, blood etc.
  • Fabric Softener  >  Perfumed fabric softener

Kitchen/Bakery Care
  • Oven & Grill Cleaner  >  Removal of high grease build-up on cooking surfaces
  • Smoke House Cleaner  >  Removal of high carbon & grease build-up on cooking surfaces
  • Dishwashing Liquid  > For manual dish and pot washing
  • Machine Wash Dishwashing Liquid  >  Used with a doser for Industrial dishwashing machine
  • Machine Wash Rinse Aid  >  Used with a doser for Industrial dishwashing machine
  • Protect-U Eco Sanitiser  >  A highly effective food grade neutral sanitiser for all surfaces
  • Carbon and Grease Remover  >  Used in our Bakery/Kitchen tank for the removal of high carbon build-up on all cooking and baking utensils and equipment
  • Bakery/Kitchen Cleaning Tank  >  Used with Carbon & Grease remover for the removal of high carbon build-up on all cooking & baking utensils and equipment

SABS SANS 1828/1853 Certified HACCP Range
  • Dishwashing Liquid  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Smoke House Cleaner  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Floor Kleen  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Carbon & Grease Remover  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Bleach Liquid  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Protect-U Eco Sanitiser  >  SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Auto Industrial Dishwashing Liquid – SABS SANS 1828 APPROVED
  • Handsoap Antibac – SABS SANS 1828 Approved

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  • Unit A5 Timber Lane, Retreat, Cape Town, 7948
  • 021 715 9103

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