All company registration certificates, certification certificates etc, are available for inspection on this website, should this be required.SABS
  • Company first registered as a (PTY) in 1983
  • Company re-registered to CC in 1986. Company registration no. 1986/06034/23.
  • Company VAT no. 4540101260.
  • SABS SANS 1828;2017 CERTIFICATION in August 2008 certification permit no. 8669/13683 (click SABS to view)
  • SABS SANS 1853;2017 CERTIFICATION in November 2008 certification permit no. 8669/13798 (click SABS to view)
  • NCRS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications)Dekra
Registration no’s Act5GNR529/267002/110/0053 dated 22.06.2009
Act5GNR529/267002/040/0007 dated 31.10.2008
Act5GNR529/267002/110/0025 dated 31.10.2008
  • ISO 9001;2015 CERTIFICATION in May 2018 certification registration no. 80510311/3 (click Dekra to view)
By, Dekra Certification, Stuttgart, Germany. (Internationally recognized certification)
Current Certification valid from 14.05.2018 to 17.05.2019.
  • BEE (Black Economic empowerment) Measured Entity & BEE status certificate no. EMELOS047737
    BEEDate; 13.03.2018. (Graham Buchholtz Chartered Accountant) (click BEE to view)